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 We are a family that loves bulldogs. When the first bulldog arrived to our house we loved it immediately because the breed is so friendly and has a loving and sweet temper. Right from the beginning we were interested in knowing more about these dogs and we learned about their standards, personality, breeding, and temperament.

This is how we started to breed our first litter, a very difficult task due to the fact that the bulldog puppies, unlike other breeds, require a dedicated supervision during the breeding. Today after ten years of experience we consider ourselves experts in this breed. Our main objective is to breed English and French bulldogs of excellent phenotype characteristics, very close to the standards and with the least possible genetic problems.

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Presently we offer to the bulldog lovers our line NUTIBARA, developed through many years of hard work based on the best world blood lines. In the English bulldog we have Cherokee, Litte Pond’s, Showtime’s and Serres Bull blood lines. In the French bulldog we have Slaviero Bull, La Parure and Rojas’s Bulldog’s blood lines.

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